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NLRB rules college athletes can unionize

CBS SportsThe National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of the College Athletes Players Association Wednesday, paving the way toward official unionization.

Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter led the effort and the ruling means Northwestern football players are seen as employees rather than student-athletes, and that they can form a union. 

Northwestern University is expected to appeal the decision. 

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Photo: Kain Colter presented his case to the NLRB in February. (USATSI)


Well, that is a big deal.




Why Talking To Babies Is An Investment Worth Making. Don’t Believe Me? Watch And Learn.

Did you know that the learning process for kids starts way before kindergarten? And even before pre-school? Babies are actually learning all the time, so how we talk to them is really important because it is literally helping their brains grow!

Unfortunately, kids born in poverty often do not get the interaction needed to promote that kind of brain growth. As a result, they end up hearing 30 million fewer words on average in their earliest years compared to kids born into wealthier families.

It’s a real shame that something so far beyond their control puts these kids at a disadvantage before they even put on their first-day-of-school outfit. Here’s a look at the science behind it and how we can help all of our little ones succeed!


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